Tuesday, October 6, 2009

04 Patterned Mini Skirts

Today's trend is Patterned Mini Skirts. I bought my mini skirt at my favourite store Forever 21 (XXI). They have such great clothes at reasonable prices. Since winter is coming up I paired my mini with a black 3/4 length turtle neck with some black tights and my pointy stilleto high heels. I saw a girl the other day with a hot pink mini skirt with a similar pattern. She paired hers with tights too and a boyfriend jacket. This look is cute, girly, and warm for winter!


P.S. I wish I didn't cut off my shoes at the bottom, but this was the only photo I actually liked. LOL



  1. Yay for posting :D:D:D I like your skirt and it looks really warm! I'm not a skirt girl though T_____T Maybe if I was taller and skinnier :P HAha. Myself, I'd rather go for a pair of wool shorts that are kinda loose fit? (not tight and not booty shorts lol), and pair those with some leggings ^^

    Your pose is super cute too hehehe but yeah you are right, it would look cool if your other foot wasn't cut off from the photo :P haha. Also I think you should add another piece that is in colour... or maybe wear a top that has more colour? It's a lot of black :P So I think throwing in some colour would look refreshing :D hehehe.

  2. Very nice Lisa!!! I'm the same as Sherry, I'm not really a skirt person. =/ in ways, I wish I wore more...lol maybe that will change? Skirts are prettyyy loll nice photo too, i like how u paired up the skirt, looks classy. there are a lot of patterned skirts here. :P