Wednesday, September 23, 2009

03 plaid

<< an outdoor theatre/auditorium we found back in Suwon - Kyunghee University! I was so sad, I forgot my camera that day, so my friend was so nice he let me take a few shots with his camera.

Since Sherry mentioned about plaid, here's a post on it. It's sooooo popular here in Korea now. Every single item I look at in a store, has to include one item of plaid. lol I was walking in Seomun Market the other day, and one of the people I was with said, "You really like plaid, don't you?" I was like, "Yes, of course, it's in!" But of course, they are not the people I'd like to shop with...It's so different here, and seems hard to find a good shopping buddy. I have to see how this weekend is (I'm planning to do lots of shopping). Ok, back to the topic of plaid, they have a lot of fitted dress shirts that are plaid. I really like those, and probably will buy one or two more. But plaid shirts can be loose, and you pair it with a belt. I'm beginning to really love belts!! I feel like here, I'm able to go crazy with my shopping as compared to back home, I had to be so budget conscious.


  1. yay I'm happy you did a post about plaid! I totally want a plaid dress shirt type of thing? I'm still trying to find one that doesn't cost too much but I'd love to pair it with a skinny black belt and some skinny jeans :)

    I saw a really nice plaid shirt at aritzia... it's like those long sleeve ones that look like a dress shirt? (That store is so expensive though T_T) I might try to look at Forever21 though because I saw that had some... so we'll see :)

    My sis likes plaid too.. she bought a bunch of dresses from Forever21 and they all had some sort of plaid pattern but I still haven't gotten a plaid shirt for myself.. I've wanted one for a reallllllly long time....

    I don't know if I should spend a lil extra to get one that is good quality? Or be thrifty and find one that costs half the price Lol.

    Hmmmmmmmm.... lol you're making me want to go shopping even though I shouldn't! Because I've spent so much money!

    BUT maybe I will go and get that plaid shirt (if I find a really nice one) because someone is planning on getting a wholesale order from me.... 18 toys!!!!! 3 small and 3 big owls... 3 small and 3 big pandas.... 3 small and 3 big carrot bunnys... :O

    I hope that after I give her the price quote for the bigger toys that she'll still want to order them all LOl

  2. lol I think you should wait and buy lots here :D There's a lot of nice plaid shirts...I think around 15-20 here. It's so in style here...everywhere u go, you see ppl wearing plaid. lol

  3. I love plaid too! I haven't gotten a shirt yet, but it is on my shopping list. They're so nice and so in-style. You're so luck you have many Janet. When we come, direct us to the plaid shops LOL!

    I should post something on here soon. I'll post about belts, so no one steal my topic now LOL! I have tons and tonsssss of belts - they are my fave accessory. ^_^