Saturday, September 19, 2009

01 Appearance in Korea & vests

Appearance in Korea
By: Janet

If you walk on the streets of Korea, you will see that everyone here really cares about their appearance. Everywhere you go, you see mirrors hanging on walls, they are more abundant than garbage cans! You can find mirrors in subway stations (where you wait for the train), you can even find mirrors in your apartment building before you head up the stairs! Koreans care so much about their looks, that the style here is amazing! For the most part, everyone dresses to impress here. And the style is not simple, everyone seems to be trendy, with their own unique style. So when you come to Korea, you will see lots of people with nice clothes. Be prepared to shop til you drop! :)

>>Trend 01: Vests!
Everyone has to have a vest! I think the style is so classy, and so mature. It can be worn casually too! Although you have to be careful though, you might look like a waiter if you pair it with the wrong thing (ie. long white plain dress shirt, and black dress pants). lol When I went to Seoul, I got excited when I saw a decent looking black vest for only 5,000 won! Back home, I do not own a vest, even though I really wanted one (since it was becoming "in"), so it was perfect!

On the right: I wore my vest during my demo lesson presentation to the class. Sorry the photo quality is bad, I stole the photo off my friend on facebook. :P


  1. yay first post on the blog!
    I want to write one soon. LOL I'm still making a couple more felt mushroom bear keychain/bag accessories SO I'll have something to write about soon ^^ and yay you changed the layout :D ^^

    I really like your vest btw :) I bought one from CNE... it's purple (I'm in a purple phase lol). But I want to get a more basic black or gray or even a red vest :) hahaha.

    I also want to buy a plaid shirt. I should buy one and post it on our blog ^^

  2. I love vests too! I bought the same vest sherry did at CNE and I love it. I'm really happy I bought it cause I was debating whether or not to. I wore it yeterday actually !

    I want a plaid shirt too and more skinnies! I'll post my item this week. :) Happy Fashion blogging!

  3. Oh! and I was playing around with the layout setting. I just changed minor things around because it was really bugging me but feel free to change them around some more LOL. I couldn't figure out how to get the side bar.. to be the same height as the main window though... T__T