Sunday, September 20, 2009

02 Accessorizing your Identity

Accessorizing your identity
By: Sherry

Everywhere you look people have been using accessories to enhance one's appearance and make a statement. Adding accessories to ones wardrobe shares a little story with the rest of the world about yourself, and it often completes one's style. Whether it be a really long necklace that accents the top you are wearing, or a fashionable loose-fitting winter hat, there are many ways to accessorize one's self, including enhancing your own personal belongings. When I look around me, I see many people who have decorated their keychains, bags, and cellphones with many cute and different types of charms. The idea behind doing so? Possibly as a way of identifying what's theirs, but also to show off a bit of their own personality.

To the right are an example of accessories that can be used to dress up one's bag, which I had made myself for my online shop. I was planning on using them solely as a bag accessory, but noticed their potential as a key chain fob, or even a cellphone charm (once converted).


  1. Wow they are so cute! :) I like how you made the colour in the middle of the bear the shape of the mushroom! That's so true about accessories showing off a bit of your personality! :) They sell a lot of accessories here in Korea! I'm going to buy more on the weekend after I get paid :)

  2. lol cool! I want to buy a bunch of charms too when I go to Korea :D:D:D hahaha I saw this photo that lisa showed me.. and I was like AHHHH those charms are so COOL! must get.. lol